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Minesweeper Classic Minesweeper game mimics the game from the early days of the personal computer! Now with 6 Leaderboards and Numerous Achievements! Download today! Get it on Google Play
Freecell A classic game of Freecell, featuring 3 Leaderboards, 33 Achievements, and very small file size (<4Mb). Win the game then post your score and time for everyone to see! Get it on Google Play
Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire features 2 Leaderboards and 26 Achievements! Complete animation of all card movements -- Just click to move a card. Get it on Google Play

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Java Applet Rankings Note: Applets are being phased out
1. Solitaire 13
2. Tri-Peaks Pyramids Solitaire 
3. Turbo Solitaire 
4. Golf Solitaire
5. Pyramid Solitaire 
6. FreeCell Solitaire
7. Klondike Solitaire 
8. Napoleon at St. Helena Solitaire 
9. Thieves of Egypt Solitaire New!
10. Scorpion Solitaire
11. One Suit Spider Solitaire
12. Eight Off Solitaire
13. Two Suit Spider Solitaire
14. Twentyone and Done
15. Spider Solitaire
16. Canfield Solitaire
17. Cruel Solitaire New!
18. Chameleon Solitaire
19. Russian Solitaire
20. Addiction Solitaire 
21. Aces Up Solitaire
22. Nestor Solitaire
23. Poker Solitaire
24. Gaps Solitaire
Word Game Rankings
1. Hangman Word Game 
2. Word Scramble New Puzzle!
Number Games
1. Su Doku Puzzles
Board Game Rankings
1. Checkers (vs. Computer) 
2. MindSweeper 3D
3. Marble Puzzle 
4. Maze Game 
Other Card Game Rankings
1. Draw Poker 
2. Blackjack