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Turbo Solitaire Rules

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to clear all 35 cards at the top of game in 2 minutes or less. (The 35 cards are called the "tableau"). If you fail to clear the tableau in 2 minutes, you lose the round and the game. Please note that after completing a round, the next round will deal automatically after a 3 second pause.

To begin the game, click a card in the bottom row of the 5 rows that has a value either one above or one below the face-up card at the bottom right of the game board. [NOTE: The card values "wrap", so Aces are above Kings in value and also below Two's in value]. Suit does not matter and is therefore completely irrelevant in this game.

If you do not find a card that's one above or one below, simply click the rightmost card in the row of 17 cards at the bottom of the game board. This card will be added to the top of the waste pile, and now try to find a value in the tableau that's either one above or one below the waste card in value.

Please note that you do not have to clear the all the reserve cards to win the round. Only the tableau must be cleared.


Each card removed is worth 50 points. Bonus points are added for each card in a "run" (i.e. a sequence of cards removed without clicking the face-down reserve cards). The 2nd card in a run is 5 extra points (total = 55 points), the 3rd card in a run is 10 bonus points (total = 60 points), etc. In general, the nth card removed is worth (n-1)* 5 bonus points, or 50 + (n-1)* 5 total points.

Additional Bonus Scoring

Bonus points of 250 x round number are awarded for completing each round. Therefore the bonus points awarded are 250 at the end of round 1, 500 at the end of round 2, 750 at the end of round 3, etc. for as many rounds as you complete. There is no limit to the number of rounds you may complete.

Game Play

As long as you win each round, the game continues. If you lose a round, the game is over. When you lose, you'll be asked if you'd like to play again. To play again, click 'New Game'.

Please note: You must post your score before clicking 'New Game'!


Sound may be turned off by unchecking the sound checkbox.

Posting a Score

Players may post their scores and times. To post a score, you must log in before beginning the game. To post a score, click the 'Click to Post Score' button. If your score is in the top 10 for the day, you will see it immediately on the leader board. If your score is not in the top 10, you may see it on the EverydayGames Global Online Live Scoring page.

Note: You must post your score before you click 'New Game'.

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